QERM: An Interdisciplinary Graduate Program

Degree Programs

Doctoral Degree Requirements

The doctoral degree (Ph.D.) requirements are determined by both the Graduate School and the QERM program.

Graduate School Requirements

A student must satisfy the Graduate School's requirements for the Ph.D. that are in force at the time the degree is to be awarded. The Graduate School sets University-wide requirements for minimum scholarship, number of required credits, and continuous enrollment.

The Graduate School supports all QERM program requirements and will not authorize graduation unless the program has indicated that the student has satisfied the requirements.

QERM Program Requirements

QERM determines the core curriculum and elective coursework and requires a qualifying exam after the completion of the first year of study. A dissertation and an integrated program of coursework and research are also required, during which the student learns the fundamentals of statistical inference, ecological modeling and resource management.

Core Coursework (30 credits):

QERM 597 - QERM Fall Seminar (2 credits)

QERM 597 - QERM Winter Seminar (2 credits)

QERM 514 - Analysis of Ecological and Environmental Data (4 credits)

STAT 516 - Stochastic Modeling of Scientific Data I (3 credits)

STAT 517 - Stochastic Modeling of Scientific Data (3 credits)

IND E 512, Section A - Intro to Optimization Models (3 credits),
IND E 513 - Linear Optimization Models in Engineering (3 credits)

SEFS 540 - Optimization Techniques for Natural Resources (5 credits)

BIOL/FISH/CFR 567 - Topics in Advanced Ecology (3 credits)

AMATH 523 - Mathematical Analysis in Biology and Medicine (5) (offered even years)
AMATH 535 - Mathematical Ecology (5) (offered odd years)

Electives (variable credits):

Most students take the following course during their first year:

BIOL 560 (Section B) - Classic Readings in Ecology (1)

Additional electives are selected with the guidance of the master's supervisory committee while developing a Plan of Study after the first year.

Qualifying Exam (taken after first year of study)

Dissertation (minimum 27 credits):

QERM 800 - Doctoral Dissertation (variable credits)

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