QERM: An Interdisciplinary Graduate Program

Degree Programs

Doctoral Degree Timeline

The doctoral degree program requires a dissertation and is an integrated program of coursework and research during which the student learns the fundamental principles and practices of conducting research.

The following timeline provides a general reference to the required steps and rate of progress leading to the completion of the degree. Detailed information and copies of required forms are included in the PDF of the timeline.

Ph.D. Milestone

Expected Timeline

Initial Faculty Adviser Assigned Entry into program
Identify Research Adviser & Funding Spring Quarter - Initial year
QERM Qualifying Examination Spring Quarter - Initial year

Intent to Pursue Master's By-Pass form (for students without previous M.S. degree with thesis)

Autumn Quarter - Year 1 in Ph.D. program
Establish Ph.D. Supervisory Committee Year 1 in Ph.D. program
First Supervisory Committee Meeting Year 1 in Ph.D. program
Doctoral Dissertation Proposal approved Year 2 in Ph.D. program
General Examination After completing 60 credits (previous M.S. may substitute 30 credits)
Establish Reading Committee After the General Exam
Final Examination

After Reading Committee has reviewed and approved near-to-final draft of dissertation

Submit Doctoral Dissertation Must be submitted within 60 days after Final Examination
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