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QERM Spring Seminars

UW Seminars

Spring Quarter 2006
Wednesdays, 3:30 - 4:50 p.m.
Mary Gates Hall 287

All seminars are presented by graduate students in the Quantitative Ecology and Resource Management Interdisciplinary Graduate Program.

March 29

David Ford - Introduction

Multi-objective optimization to incorporate ecological values with fuel solutions in landscapes. - Maureen Kennedy, PhC

April 5

Ocean and freshwater effects on survival, maturation, distribution and recruitment of Pacific Northwest Chinook salmon. -
Rishi Sharma, MS

April 12

Biogeographic analysis of the demography of the Spiny dogfish over latitudinal gradient.
- Nicci Vega

April 19

Learning and animal behavior: exploring the risk sensitive dynamics of simple models. - Abran Steele-Feldman

April 26

Analysis of Repeated Measures Data from Chlorophyll Fluorescence Measurements
. - Katie Grieve

"Possible implications of leaf curvature on photosynthesis in Maize" Bert Loosmore, MS

May 3

Integration of historic and recent data on population dynamics of spiny dogfish in the Northeast Pacific. - Ian Taylor, PhC

May 10

The Management Strategy Evaluation approach and the Gulf of Alaska walleye pollock fishery.
- Teresa A’mar, MS

May 17

The wavelet variance and long-memory processes. -

Mike Keim, MS

Population Dynamics of Northern Fur Seal on the Pribilof Islands, Alaska. - Rod Towell

May 24

Spatial modeling and methodologies of Pacific Northwest sciurid. - Derek McClure

Estimating the relative abundance of Spiny dogfish in Alaska
Joel Rice

May 31

When a model meets the real world: Some recent results on salmon smolt migration in mid-Columbia reservoirs and consequences for survival modeling .
- Eli Gurarie

Comparing non-linear models of bowhead whale (Balaena mysticetus) body and baleen growth: what worked, what didn't, and when to panic. - Susan Lubetkin, PhC


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