UW Quaternary Isotope Laboratory Data Sets

All data presented here is available for use by other researchers. Credit is to be given to the Quaternary Isotope Laboratory by using the relevant citations and/or credits for each data set as found at the beginning of each file.

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14C Data Sets
Radiocarbon ages and D14C values were calculated according to M. Stuiver and H. A. Polach. Discussion: Reporting of 14C Data. Radiocarbon 19, 355-363 (1977).
uwsy98_14c.txt 23KB 1998 UW 14C atmospheric single year data set (AD 1510 to AD 1954)
uwten98_14c.txt 56KB 1998 UW 14C atmospheric decadal year data set (9665 BC to AD 1945)
intcal98_14c.txt 76KB 1998 International 14C atmospheric decadal data set (24,000 to 0 BP)
marine98_14c.txt 81KB 1998 International 14C marine decadal data set (24,000 to 0 BP)
resid98_14c.txt 39KB 1998 D 14C residual data set (15,394 to 105 BP)
view intcal98 curve 44KB Deviation of the intcal98 calibration curve from a one to one radiocarbon age versus calendar age (dashed where insufficient data to give details). Reference to dataset in file intcal98_14c.txt above.
18O Data Sets
d 18O values are relative to Standard Mean Ocean Water (V-SMOW).
Taylor Dome oxygen isotope data, with references and general description
GISP2 oxygen isotope data, with references and general description

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