Taylor Dome Oxygen Isotope Data

General Description

A 554m long ice core was collected as part of a University of Washington project directed by P. M. Grootes (now at Leibniz-Labor, Max Eyth Strasze 11-13 24118 Kiel, Germany) and E. D. Waddington (Box 351350, University of Washington, Seattle WA 98195, USA). The core was obtained in January 1994 from Taylor Dome.

Taylor Dome is a small ice dome at the head of Taylor Valley, Antarctica (7740'S, 15800'E). Two sets of samples were taken from the Taylor Dome core, one with 20-cm resolution over the entire core length and another with 50-cm to 100-cm resolution. Between 0m and 340m the samples measured were of 100-cm cuts taken in the field. Each 100-cm core section was slabbed to provide a surface for ECM measurement, then a thin slice was removed uniformly along the length for isotope analysis. From 340m to the bottom, sampling was done at NICL at 50-cm lengths. The 50-cm core sections were shipped intact to NICL; they were not processed in the field. The 20-cm samples were obtained from melt samples processed for chemical analysis at the University of New Hampshire.

About the Data

All d18O values were determined at the Quaternary Isotope Laboratory (M. Stuiver, Box 351360, University of Washington, Seattle WA 98195, USA). The d18O values have been demonstrated to be independent of the processing mode. For instance, between 0m and 340m the 100-cm samples average -39.40 permil, and the 20-cm samples -39.51 permil.

The data columns represent:

Depth Top depth of each interval, in meters. Samples are continuous unless specifically noted.
Del 18O Mean d18O value (in per mil) over the interval starting at the indicated top depth. Standard deviation in a single d18O measurement is 0.14 per mil. Multiple measurements (such as in the data sets below) reduce the standard deviation to the 0.05 to 0.1 per mil range.

An estimated time scale for the core is given on E. Steig's Web page at http://www.sas.upenn.edu/~esteig/taydata.html. Time scale considerations also are part of the Grootes et. al. 2000 paper, cited below.


These references apply to all Taylor Dome files listed below.

I Stuiver, M. and P. M. Grootes. GISP2 Oxygen Isotope Ratios. Quaternary Research 54/3 (2000), in press.
II Grootes, P. M., E. J. Steig, M. Stuiver, E. D. Waddington and D. L. Morse. A new ice core record from Taylor Dome, Antarctica. EOS Transactions 75, 225 (1994).
III Grootes, P. M., E. J. Steig, M. Stuiver, E. D. Waddington and D. L. Morse. New 130,000-Year Long Taylor Dome Antarctic 18-O Record Indicates Synchroneity of Global Glacial Climate Fluctuations. Quaternary Research (2000), in press.
IV Steig, E. J., D. L. Morse, E. D. Waddington, M. Stuiver, P. M. Grootes, P. A. Mayewski, M. S. Twickler and S. I. Whitlow. Wisconsinan and Holocene climate history from an ice core at Taylor Dome, western Ross Embayment, Antarctica. Geografiska Annaler, in press (1999).

The data sets can be acknowledged as follows:

Taylor Dome d18O, reported by P. M. Grootes, M. Stuiver and E. D. Waddington, 1998 (Quaternary Isotope Laboratory data set).

A primary Web site reference is Stuiver and Grootes, 1999 (reference I).

d18O Data Sets

In addition to the general description provided above, notes specific to each individual data set will be found in each data file's header. Reference notations, also found in the file header, refer to the list of references given above.

tdome_coarse.txt 20KB Taylor Dome d18O 1-meter/0.5-meter data set
tdome_detail.txt 76KB Taylor Dome d18O higher resolution (~0.20m) data set

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