Ginny Catania

The Scar project hopes to understand the nature of the "scar" features surrounding Ice Stream C in order to best interpret the ice flow history in the last millennia. Also, we are interested in understanding what controls the positions of ice streams. In particular, what role do the interstream ridges play in controlling ice flow in this area. Finally, we hope to use this information to infer ice sheet thickness changes over the last few centuries.

Select Publications

GPR and RES reveal disturbed internal stratigraphy on Ridge B/C, Antarctica G. Catania, H. Conway, A. Gades, C. Raymond and T. Scambos, 2001WAIS Conference, Maryland.

Paleo-Ice Stream C0, H. Conway, G. Catania, A. Gades, C. Raymond and T. Scambos, 2001 WAIS Conference, Maryland.

The last thousand years of ice flow in the Siple Coast, T. Scambos, H.Conway, C. Raymond, A. Gades, G. Catania, M. Fahnestock, 2001 WAIS Conference, Maryland.

Switch of flow direction in an Antarctic ice stream, 2002, H. Conway, G. Catania, C. Raymond, A. Gades, T. Scambos and H. Engelhardt, Nature, (419), 465-467.

Bed-reflectivity beneath inactive ice streams in West Antarctica, 2003, G. Catania, H. Conway, A. Gades, C. Raymond and H. Engelhardt, Annals of Glaciology, (37).

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