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QRC Funding Guidelines

The Quaternary Research Center has a limited pool of financial resources available to support small research proposals, visiting speakers and other activities that will promote Quaternary scholarship at the University of Washington. These guidelines have been developed by the QRC Resources Committee to ensure that requests are properly prioritized and the membership has a clear understanding of how requests will be evaluated.

Please note that we anticipate two calls per year for applications (larger than $2000), one in the Fall and one in the Spring Quarter as follows:

Fall: January 30, 2015 and then Last day in October
Spring: Last day in April

Merit Review Principles:
QRC funded projects and activities should promote the QRC mission by supporting QRC faculty, researchers, and students in advancing Quaternary related research (either through direct research of the Quaternary Period or by comparison to Quaternary dynamics), intellectual life of the center, and cultivation of the next generation of interdisciplinary Quaternary scholars. (Link to QRC mission)

Eligibility: The proposal PI must be a UW affiliated QRC member, QRC affiliated UW student, or UW affiliated person who has applied for QRC membership. "Retrospective" funding requests for activities or analyses that have already been conducted are not supported. (Link to member list and to application information)

Types of proposals and application deadlines:
- Regular proposals for research and QRC activities: Jan 31, 2015 (Oct 31 annually thereafter) and April 31 annually
- Director discretionary funding (up to $2000), rolling deadline
- Visitor support, rolling deadline
- Opportunity proposals: rolling deadline

Merit Review Criteria:
The QRC Director and/or Resources Committee will consider what the proposers want to do, why they want to do it, how they plan to do it, how they will know if they succeed, and what benefits could accrue if the project is successful. These issues apply both to the technical aspects of the proposal and the way in which the project or activity may advance the QRC mission. To that end, the Director and Committee will evaluate proposals against two criteria:

Intellectual Merit
- Is the project of high quality, and what is its potential to advance knowledge and understanding of the Quaternary Period, either directly or by comparison to Quaternary dynamics?
- Is the plan for carrying out the proposed activities well-reasoned, well-organized, and based on a sound rationale? Does the plan incorporate mechanisms to assess success (e.g., publications, grant proposals, conference presentations)?
- Does the project or activity include a non-trivial interdisciplinary aspect in its research focus, and to what extend does it explore creative or original concepts?

Relevance to QRC
- What is the potential for the project or activity to advance the intellectual life of the QRC, e.g., by supporting the interaction of QRC members, catalyzing new QRC activities and new QRC participants?
- Does the project or activity benefit early career Quaternary scholars?
- What is the potential for the QRC funding to seed future external funding?

Proposal Preparation Guidelines:
Proposals for Director Discretionary funding, Regular funding, and Opportunity funding should include:

- 1 to 3-page narrative describing the proposed activity and addressing the review criteria (references may exceed the 3 page limit).
- List of project participants, including their status and roles.
- Budget information, including: itemized budget with concise justification; list of prior or matching funding, if any (and funding source or sources); brief statement explaining the financial need for QRC funding and degree of urgency of support.
- Project timeline, including anticipated products.

Proposals for visitor funding should include:
- A request statement (up to 1 page) identifying the visiting speaker and summarizing the benefits of bringing her or him (to QRC members and related departments), specifying the activities the visitor would be asked to participate in (e.g., a talk, class seminars, workshop etc.)
- An organizer/host or host group for the visit
- An itemized budget
- Statement or list of co-funding sources/co-sponsorship granted or requested from other sources. Using QRC funds to leverage other funding sources is highly encouraged.

Expectations of research funding recipients
- Permission to list your project title, research justification, timeline for the research, and name of your advisor on the new (soon to be launched) QRC web site. (Please send us a photo of yourself we can post with that as well - if you are willing).
- An informal QRC seminar talk on the research after or as it nears completion.
- A short final report in the form of a few paragraphs with a useful graphic to post showing how QRC contributed to the completion of an interesting project, and to showcase the kinds of work that QRC people are engaged in.
- Brief acknowledgement of QRC support in any resulting publications (and thesis) that are directly facilitated by this fund.
- Use of the QRC logo on recipient talks or posters reporting on research supported by QRC support. (Link to logo)
- Agreement to provide notification about subsequent proposals submitted for continuation of QRC supported research (including a copy of your eGC1 number where generated). This will allow us to demonstrate the effectiveness of our funding as a catalyst for UW research funding.

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