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At the annual External Advisory Meeting May 28, 1999 Dr. Page, Director of the RCDRC presented data on research activities. Research activities can be measured in many ways. One way is to look at the annual use of clinical operatories. Table 1 presents the trends of clinic operatory use from 1992. It is important to notice that a research clinic can not function like a private dental practice. Therefore one can not expect a 100% utilization rate. Study design and designation of space to specific projects limits the efficacy rate.

Figure 1. Utilization rate of research activities

For the period July 1, 1998 through June 30, 1999 a total of 2,284 subjects visited the RCDRC participating in one of 11 IRB and RCDRC approved projects distributed among studies as presented in Table 2
  1. RCDRC Registry of potential study subjects
  2. PPD Pharmaco study of local administration of minocycline
  3. Population based study of temperomandibular joint disorder
  4. MERCK study, a 24 month study of the effectiveness of MK 0212 in reducing alveolar bone loss
  5. Clinical trial of a one coat bond of class V restorations
  6. TEETH study, trial on oral health in older subjects
  7. Combined exposure drug therapy for dental anxiety
  8. Dental pain in Orthodontic treatment
  9. Taste and hormone therapy
  10. Validation of the risk calculator
  11. Clinical outcome of the altered cast impression procedure