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The Administrative Core ensures the smooth and efficient operation of the Clinical Dental Research Core Center and provides participants with support services required to meet the changing needs of their research. Administrative Core activities falls into four general areas:
  1. All administrative functions, including management of budgets, purchasing, personnel matters, inventory control, travel, communication, word processing and manuscript generation
  2. Facilities operations, including all aspects of the operation of the research clinical facilities and of equipment for use at remote sites.
  3. Communications among investigators and between investigators, with other faculty and students within the School of Dentistry and the University, with scientists outside the University and with the practice community.
  4. Oversight and management of the research and training programs of the Center, including evaluation of scientific merit of research proposals, monitoring of progress of the scientific program, and oversight and administration of all pilot projects and feasibility studies conducted in the Center.

Dr. Roy Page, Director, RCDRC
Dr. Rutger Persson, Associate Director, RCDRC

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