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The Biomedical Core is that unit of the RCDRC concerned with providing advice, services, training and development in various analytical and diagnostic aspects involved in clinical dental research. It is made up of the following units:
  • biochemistry
  • microbiology
  • immunology
  • imaging
  • biomaterials
Each unit is comprised of one or more faculty with appropriate expertise in that field, and laboratory facilities available to support clinical research projects. The Biomedical Core also provides analytical and diagnostic services for the support of clinical research projects through the facilities and personnel within the Center and in various satellite facilities under the auspices of the unit heads.

Both formal training through various courses such as the Summer Institute, and informal "hands-on" training in various laboratories are provided to prospective and active clinical investigators. These prospective investigators include faculty member, pre-doctoral dental students and graduate students within the various programs within the School of Dentistry.

The Biomedical Core also fosters investigations aimed at the development or improvement of analytical and diagnostic methods that are particularly applicable to clinical dental research. Prospective clinical investigators who do not seek the servicres of the Biomedical Core on their own initiative may be referred to the Biomedical Core by the director and /or the Internal Advisory Committee of the Center, should the Committee perceive any opportunities for improving proposed or ongoing research projects through the involvement of this core.

The Chief of the Biomedical Core, Murry R. Robinovitch, D.D.S., Ph.D. , provides overall direction for the Core and coordinates the efforts of the four other Section Heads.

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