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A new Comprehensive Oral Health Research Center of Discovery, one of six funded nationally by the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research, is due to be established in August at the University of Washington with a five-year grant which will provide approximately $1.5 million per year direct costs.The UW Center is designed to address the oral/craniofacial health of children, an approach that has great potential to produce life long oral health in a population recently cited by Congress as a priority for NIH. Fourteen projects ranging from basic to clinical and applied research are funded through the Center grant and are organized into clusters in the areas of innate host defense and mucosal health, peiodontal disease, caries, and craniofacial disorders. An additional fourteen ongoing, previously funded projects are also affiliated with the Center. Support is also provided through the Comprehensisve Center for five cores (administrative, outreach, biometry, basic science, and clinical).

The Regional Clinical Dental Research Center will serve as a Clinical Core of the new Comprehensive Center, facilitating and supporting clinical research activities. Dr. Roy Page, in his role of Director of the RCDRC, will also function as the Chief of the Clinical Core of the Comprehensive Center. Five of the fourteen newly-funded research projects are scheduled to utilize resources and/or facilities of the RCDRC, including studies of Cognitive Interventions in Pediatric Dentistry (P. Milgrom, P.I.), Early Onset Periodontitis (C. Critchlow, P.I.), Dentist Adoption of Caries-Control Services (D. Grembowski, P.I.), Sweet Preferences and Puberty (S. Coldwell, P.I.), and Motivational Interviewing in Reducing Early Childhood Caries (P. Weinstein, P.I.).

The new Comprehensive Center involves collaboration among three UW health sciences schools (Dentistry, Medicine, and Public Health), Children's Hospital and Regional Medical Center, Washington Dental Service ( the largest dental insurer in the state), the Washington State Department of Health, and four foreign universities.

The RCDRC welcomes the Comprehensive Center.