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The Regional Clinical Dental Research Center (RCDRC) welcomes the private sector with its products that need testing and refining.


Support is provided by the RCDRC for Industry interested in testing their oral products. Several clinical research projects have been conducted for sponsors who successfully obtained clearance from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for their products.

The Center has state of the art clinic facilities dedicated to clinical research. This includes 7 clinic operatories, a dedicated room for physical examination, a waiting room area, an imaging center for standardized oral radiographs, a biomedical laboratory, and a bio-behavioral laboratory.

In addition, there is a core staff of dental hygienists, and dental assistants who are especially trained to support researchers in clinical research. The RCDRC currently has two study coordinators and can hire and support additional study coordinators if necessary. The Center has dedicated working space for study coordinators.

Biostatistical support is available and provided by the Core Bio-statistician. You can also receive advice in designing a study that would be appropriate for your needs. Experienced clinical investigators will help you. The RCDRC faculty and staff members have extensive experiences in conducting clinical trials and being a partner with other centers in multi-center clinical trials for the purpose of obtaining FDA clearance (approvals).

The RCDRC Bio-medical laboratory and faculty can provide support for designing and conducting studies involving Microbiology (both aerobic and anaerobic processing) Immunology (ELISAs and other assays), including studies of cytokines and other markers of inflammation, and studies involving saliva samples.

The Clinical and Administrative Core provides clinical support and can facilitate studies requiring expertise in all fields of Dentistry. The RCDRC can facilitate collaboration with the Medical Research Centers. The RCDRC clinic is equipped to manage subtraction radiography methods.

All research projects to be conducted at the RCDRC will undergo a peer review process and approval must be obtained before a study can be started. This process has been very helpful and has ensured a high standard of research at the center. The process is expedient.

Expenses including costs for personnel, and supplies must be covered by grant funding. Funding for commercial research projects must be obtained via Grants and Contracts Services at the University of Washington.

Please consider further information at

All commercially related research activities must be funded by grants.

For questions related to clinical studies contact:

Dr. Roy Page at (206) 543-5599 (Director)

Dr. Rutger Persson at (206) 543-6433 (Associate Director)

Marilynn Rothen at (206) 685-8132 (Clinic Manager)

Or send an email to

Current Corporate Funding:

Funding Agency Principal Investigator Study Title
3M Corporation Tar-Chee Aw Clinical evaluation of two binding agents for class V resin composite restorations
Washington Dental Service Foundation Gregory King A longitudinal study investigating orthodontic pain through electrical tooth stimulation
Coltene AG Xavier Lepe Clinical evaluation of Coltene and One Coat Bond for class V resin composite restorations
Merck & Co Inc. Roy Page A 24 month double blind randomized placebo controlled study to determine the effectiveness of MK-0217 in reducing alveolar bone loss in men and woman with moderate to severe periodontal disease in the absence of scaling and root planing
ASTRA USA Roy Page Pharmaco-economic study of Periochip
Orpharma Inc Rutger Persson Multi-center phase III clinical trial of Minocycline
Washington Dental Service Foundation Rutger Persson Expert panel assessment of risk calculator for periodontitis