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Population based study of temporomandibular joint disorders (controls only)

PI: Cathy Critchlow, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Dental Public Health Sciences, University of Washington

The hypothesis to be investigated in this study is that mandibular dysmorphology is a risk factor for the development of temporomandibular joint disorders.

This is a population based cases-control study being conducted at Group Health Cooperative of Puget Sound. Cases will be recruited from the Department of Oral Medicine at UW and South Sound Oral Medicine and Group Health Cooperative. Controls will be recruited from the same sources. Mandibular dysmorphology will be determined from photographs. The technique is well established in both orthodontics and anthropology. The outcome measures of the study will be disk displacement and or other joint conditions. Logistic regression analysis comparing cases and controls with respect to prevalence of mandibular dysmorphology, adjusting for age, history of previous facial trauma, and other relevant covariates will be performed. Odds ratio, estimated from the logistic regression coefficients, will be used as the measure of association between mandibular dysmorphology and disk displacement and/or other joint conditions.

This study is ongoing and no results are available yet.

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