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Multicenter phase III trial of minocycline periodontal treatment

PI: G. Rutger Persson, D.D.S., Odont.D., Professor Periodontics and Oral Medicine, Associate Director RCDRC, School of Dentistry, University of Washington

This multi-center clinical trial is designed to assess the efficacy of the use of locally delivered minocycline as an adjunct to scaling and root planing in the treatment of adult periodontitis. The study is nine-months in duration and measurement of reduction in probing depth is the primary outcome measure. Secondary criteria for efficacy are the extent of probing depth, clinical attachment level, presence of bleeding on probing, need for rescue therapy, and changes in the microflora. The study is ongoing. We currently have 50 subjects enrolled. The majority of the subjects are currently at month 3-4. No adverse events have occurred at the University of Washington study site.

Research indicates that certain pathogens initiate and stimulate the inflammatory responses. Conventional therapies aim at elimination or reduction of these pathogens either mechanically or chemotherapeutically. Mechanical removal of bacteria is difficult. The development of effective adjunct treatments in periodontal therapy is needed. Periodontitis is a common disease. The effects of treatment appear to be self limiting in that it appears that the bacteria recolonize as early as within two months after treatment. Antimicrobial agents delivered systemically have significant side effects in that drug resistance is common. Minocycline is effective against periodontal pathogens. Results from early clinical trials suggest that local delivery of minocycline can be effective as an adjunct in the treatment of periodontitis.

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