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Rutger Persson,

Associate Director, RCDRC

Dr. Rutger Persson
Rutger Persson received his D.D.S. degree from the University of Lund, Sweden, in 1967. He then completed graduate training in Periodontology at the same institution with a certificate in Periodontology and the Odont.Dr. (Ph.D) degree in 1978. During the next seven years Dr. Persson was a visiting professor at the University of Western Ontario, Canada, and Director for the Dental Hygienist training program and Head Periodontist at the Alvsborg County's Dental Health Clinics, Boras, Sweden. During the years in Sweden he also maintained a part-time private practice. After a year as visiting professor at the University of Washington he joined the Periodontics faculty full-time. He is Associate Director of Research in the Regional Clinical Dental Research Center, and also Head of the Division of Periodontics in Hospital Dentistry, UWMC. Dr. Persson is a member of several national and international professional and research organizations. Seeking novel methods of dentistry education using computer access in communication and collaboration with other universities is becoming a major interest.


Dr. Persson has conducted research in periodontics since 1970. His primary interests have focused on the diagnosis of periodontal diseases and outcome assessments of treatment. His research efforts have expanded to periodontal microbiology and immunology and to the development of a vaccine against periodontitis. His collaborative research efforts have resulted in publications on periodontal diagnosis, guided tissue regeneration, immunity and periodontal disease and periodontitis in diabetics. From his clinical experiences in treating periodontal conditions in transplant patients he has published a paper on the first documented cases of gingival malignancies as a result of immuno-suppressant drug treatment.

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Dr. G. Rutger Persson
Professor, Department of Periodontics
University of Washington, Box 357444
Seattle, Washington 98195-7444
(206) 543-6433
fax: (206) 616-7478

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