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TheTrials to enhance elder's tooth/oral health (TEETH)project is a joint research effort between investigators at the University of British Columbia and the University of Washington. This is a pivotal double-blind study to detemine the effect of chlorhexidine and fluoride rinses on all cause tooth mortality in community dwelling elderly. The study is funded by a grant from NIDCR and will continue over a period of five years. This is a major undertaking in that a total of 1100 subjects will be monitored. Interviews, full mouth dental examinations, and panoramic radiographs have now been gathered. The TEETH study will allow the investigators to assess if clinical measures of disease such as caries registratration and periodontal pocket probing actually are useful measures for the prediction of tooth loss.

The investigating team at UW with Dr. Asuman Kiyak as the principal investigator have successfully enrolled 700 subjects in the study using the RCDRC facility. The efforts to achieve this one year milestone in enrollment and to continue to keep these subjects in the study depends on several people but Carol Hoeller serves in a key function as the study coordinator and has been very effective in the efforts to reach the one year goal of 700 subjects enrolled.

This study is using the Internet for electronic data collection, a unique activity in multicenter dental research. Dr. Philippe Hujoel has been the driving force in this development. The one year experience have been great and this mode of data collection will most likely be used again in future studies and by others. For further information contact Dr. Hujoel at

Dr. Kiyak and Dr. Michael MacEntee (prinicpal investigator at the University of British Columbia) also arranged and co-chaired a meeting on successful aging which took place immediately after the Vancouver 1999 IADR meeting. The investigators at UBC and UW have certainly established themselves as leaders in clinical dental research involving older subjects.