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What are Safe Table Forums?

Safe Table Forums bring together stakeholders in Washington's health system for informed discussion on timely, often challenging, topics from multiple perspectives. They offer a safe table, an honest broker, and balanced information.

Principles of the Safe Table Forums

  • A Safe Table Forums offer decision makers and other stakeholders a neutral meeting place for off-the-record discussion. The forum promotes candor and honest exchange. All ideas are welcome; all comments are offered and listened to with respect.
  • Honest Broker The convener is nonpartisan and neutral about the issues addressed. The convener does not advocate through the forums. Forum participants are not asked to reach a consensus or issue recommendations.
  • Balanced Information Forums offer information from all major perspectives on a given issue. Presentations are given by a representative cross section of subject experts and professional colleagues. Background information prepared by the convener, such as briefing papers, is balanced and non-partisan.

Criteria for Selecting Safe Table Forum Topics

  • Timely A topic currently on stakeholders' agendas or on the visible horizon. A topic on a longer horizon, and hence not necessarily timely, is still appropriate if it meets the other criteria.
  • High Priority, Critical A topic that is key, pressing, not just a topic that is interesting.
  • Challenging A topic that isn't easily resolved and is debatable across stakeholders.

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