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Freshman Application Q&A

Do you have any tips to help me complete the writing section of my application?

Yes! Please view our Freshman Admissions Writing Sample Tips page as well as Admissions’ writing section page.

What if I am unable to afford the $60 application fee?

For students with confirmed financial hardship, the University of Washington provides a waiver of the $60 application fee. If you apply online, the fee waiver request is embedded in the application. No additional forms or documents are required. If you apply using the PDF or paper version of the application, request a fee waiver by writing a letter of explanation to the Office of Admissions and include documentation showing the need for a fee waiver. Attach the letter and documentation to the rest of your application file.

Does the UW require the SAT or the ACT?

The University of Washington accepts the SAT and ACT equally. Test scores are valid and will be considered only if they are sent directly from the testing agency to the UW. The easiest way is to request that the UW receive scores at the time you register for the test. After you’ve taken the test, you may still request that scores be sent.

Options for sending scores: online, postal mail
UW’s Institutional Code 4854

Options for sending scores: online, PDF, telephone, or postal mail
UW’s Institutional Code 4484

Will UW Admissions accept my December 2015 test scores?

We accept December scores if you name the UW as a recipient when you register for the test that year.

I am currently in Running Start do I apply as a freshman or transfer student?

If you are currently in Running Start Apply as a freshman.

Does the University require letters of recommendations?

Applicants should not send letters of recommendations or other supplemental materials such as portfolios or photographs. Supplemental materials will not be considered.

Does the University require an official transcript?

Applicants should not send high school or college transcripts at the time of application. Instead be sure to follow the instruction thoroughly enter course work and be sure to include course notation, credit and grade in course.

What if I do not know my senior year schedule?

Complete the question with the courses you anticipate taking, with specific titles. Be sure to include courses you will take during the second semester of your senior year. If you are currently a high school senior do not put down your senior year grades.

What if I am undocumented?

A student’s undocumented status will not be taken into consideration as part of the admissions decision. However, a student’s undocumented status is taken into consideration when determining the tuition rate. Under Washington law students who are not U.S. citizens or permanent residents may qualify for residency tuition if they meet certain guidelines. For more information click here.

If I am undocumented what should I put down when they ask for a social security number?

You should enter all zeros.

If I am undocumented what should I enter for my country of permanent residence?

You will list the U.S. as your country of permanent residence.

If I am undocumented what should I put for my current or expected visa or immigration status?

Please check “other” and write “HB 1079” in the space provided if you are applying under that status.

Why does the University want to know my tribal or corporate affiliation?

The University of Washington recognizes the unique “government to government” relationship that exists between the tribes and federal government. UW departments and programs are encouraged to consider tribal or corporate enrollment or affiliation as a positive factor in admission, financial aid, and outreach programs.

Verification can consist of one of the following:

  • Official tribal verification – Tribal enrollment card, treaty fishing card, or Bureau of Indian Affairs document.
  • Certificate of Membership verification or Letter of Lineage by the Bureau of Indian Affairs, a tribal enrollment officer, or community official (in cases where a formal enrollment process does not exist.)
  • Where student is not a member, but a descendent: verification of member accompanied by birth certificates establishing heritage is acceptable.

I am American Indian but I do not live in Washington. I would like to know if I am eligible to pay resident tuition?

Some American Indian students who reside in Idaho, Montana, Oregon or Washington, are able to pay residence tuition. To see if you qualify click on the link below.