Multicultural Outreach & Recruitment

Alumni Recruitment Volunteer

General Role Description

Your perspective and insight as a University of Washington graduate are important when interacting with prospective students. In many cases, your interactions with students at a college fair may be the only opportunity for students to learn about the University of Washington. The Alumni Recruiter will represent the University of Washington in off-campus recruitment and outreach events. She/he must conduct herself/himself appropriately and responsibly, remain up to date with current University of Washington recruitment and outreach information and represent the University of Washington to prospective students in an authentic and engaging manner.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Assist in the recruitment and outreach of prospective students in your region through college fairs, local receptions and banquets, and local events
  • Provide feedback to the Pre-College Programs Manager through completed college fair evaluations
  • Be the primary person who receives recruitment and outreach materials via mail and disseminate them to the Alumni Recruiters
  • Return completed ConnectMe cards and other relevant materials to the Office of Minority Affairs & Diversity following a recruitment and outreach event
  • Identify new college fairs and other recruitment and outreach events in your area
  • Maintain close contact with the Pre-College Programs Manager and LEAD Alumni Recruiter


  • One year commitment
  • Attend local college fairs or events as request when available (3-5 per year)
  • Serve as regional University of Washington resource to students and their families
  • Complete evaluation forms at the end of every recruitment and outreach event
  • Identify other opportunities where you can serve
  • Attend a day training in August
  • Help recruit future Husky Alumni Recruitment Team volunteers


  • University of Washington graduate
  • Enthusiasm to represent the University of Washington in an authentic and positive way
  • Good communication, personable, relatable, and approachable

Additional Information

  • There is also the opportunity to become a Lead Alumni Recruiter. The Lead Alumni Recruiter will serve as the liaison between Alumni Recruitment Volunteers and the Pre-College Programs manager at the University of Washington. If you wish to become a lead, please indicate that in your application.


If you are interested in volunteering as an alumni recruiter, please fill out the

HART Volunteer Application