UW OMAD Recruitment & Outreach

Student Outreach Ambassador Overview

The passage of I-200 had a profound effect on the UW campus. After the initial shock, many students rallied to devise strategies to counter what they knew would have a negative impact on our already declining underrepresented student population. This was the impetus behind a student initiative presented to the Regents and Former President McCormick in 1999 that resulted in a mobilized institutional effort to create the Student Outreach Ambassador Program.

The Student Outreach Ambassador Program has evolved from its beginning as an all volunteer organization, to its present day structure which now includes a team of student ambassadors with support from a webmaster and Recruitment and Outreach staff.

Since the program's inception, we have experience various levels of success and continue to strive to be very best amongst peer institutions and comparable programs.

Aside from receiving coverage in the UW Daily newspaper, the Ambassadors were awarded the 2002 Brotman Diversity Award in recognition of their exemplary advancement of the diversity of our university community.

In June 2003, Recruitment and Outreach staff members traveled to San Francisco, CA to feature our model program at the National Conference on Race and Ethnicity.

Although the UW has experienced mixed results regarding admission statistics from underrepresented students, we are focused on our work and the qualitative impact we make on prospective and currently enrolled students. We will continue to work with individual students in need and hope that our efforts will prepare students for the new challenges of gaining admission to our state institutions.