UW OMAD Recruitment & Outreach

Please note: Request for groups under 50 students will require a minimum of 2 weeks notice. Request for groups over 50 will require a minimum of 4 weeks notice. Thank you.

The Office of Minority Affairs Student Outreach Ambassadors coordinate activities for special groups of students, schools, and organizations interested in visiting the University of Washington campus. Through various campus resources, the ambassadors offer visiting students a host of experiences including; a campus tour, a student panel presentation, an admissions information session, a class visit, lunch on campus, and opportunities to meet with advisors and students with similar interests and background.

To have an ambassador coordinate your next visit to the UW, fill-out and submit our online Visitation Form. We strongly encourage groups with significant proportions of either African American, Hispanic/Latino, Native American, or Pacific Islander students to seek our assistance in planning a tour. As part of our committment to serving underrepresented communities of color, we will make every effort to ensure that your group gains exposure to a wide variety of resourses the UW has to offer.

*Please note:

When planning your visit to the University of Washington, please be aware that visitations will be limited during finals week, winter break, and spring break. Also, there is limited staffing during the summer, and visitations do not take place during the month of June. Please also be mindful that during the fall, our Student Ambassadors seek to target high school seniors. Note also that an ideal time for middle school visitations would be during the spring.

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