Minors on DARS

Verify the student's minor on the SDB:

  • Check 390 screen to see if student has declared a minor.
  • The minor code appears right below the major codes near the top of the screen.
  • Students can add or drop a minor by completing a Change of Major form.
  • Submit Change of Major forms to: Registration Office, Room 225 Schmitz Hall. Advisor signatures are not required.

Please note: If a graduation application is already on file with GARS, send an e-mail to ugradoff@u.washington.edu indicating the changes to the graduation application and the change of minor status.

Run a minor audit for the student:

  • SDB Screen: SRF 390, then enter student number.
  • Enter program to audit, using the appropriate minor code, for example: 0-CHEM -00- make sure you delete the second set of digits.
  • Enter F in the action field and hit enter ? DARS will find the correct set of requirements. If a student has not had a Minor audit run for the program, a Problem with Request message will appear at the top of the screen. Disregard this message and continue.
  • Enter A in the action field and hit enter.
  • Review the audit on screen.

Please note: The quarter and year the student declared a minor has not always been entered in the database (this information is now routinely entered). Therefore, to be sure you have the correct minor requirements displayed on the 390 screen, simply enter the correct quarter and year after

Degree Program Entrance: (seventh line from the top, right side). Then run an audit.

Graduation Applications with Minors

It is the major adviser's responsibility to accurately list minor requirements on the student's graduation application.

To print the minor audit: