March 27, 2009

Smile, You’re on Photo Class List

By admin

Hot on the heels of the launch of Web Gradebook, another new tool Photo Class List based on the Student Web Services initiative has arrived. Instructors can now generate a list of students in their classes that includes photos. Try it yourself through the “Teaching” tab of MyUW: .


We’ll keep a list of feedback from the University community here, and include attribution where appropriate.

“I found it early, and it’s one of the very best developments in a long time. What a huge difference it makes! Thanks so much to all  those who worked on this project!” June, Professor (Tacoma campus)

“I just ran into a colleague from Genome Sciences — she had the photos in hand and said this would save her 2-3 hours of time as she used to have to take and compile all the photos for her class by herself!  She was ecstatic to have the 2-3 hours to do other things!” Mary, Senior Lecturer

“I just discovered a new feature in the “myuw” class information panel… Under the “class list” links for my spring classes there are little icons that open a page with photos of all the students registered for the class. It’s very similar to what we have in-house for majors enrolled in our courses, but it works for all students and for non-majors courses.” Hal, Senior Lecturer

“Thanks for this wonderful innovation, at last… (There are many of us on campus who have been requesting this for a long time.)” Mariko, Undergraduate Advisor

“I am in love with the new feature where one can see the students’ names with their faces. This was the best idea ever and it’s really going to help me engage with my students. Thank you.”

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