June 3, 2009

Faculty: Spring into Web Grading this quarter

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Registrar Todd Mildon recently encouraged faculty to submit Spring quarter 2009 grades via Catalyst’s Web GradeBook. That message is reposted below.

I am writing to encourage you to submit spring quarter grades online to Graduations and Academic Records through the Catalyst GradeBook tool.

The online grading service is open and available now through June 15.  I hope that it will save you a significant amount of time, and that it will eliminate the delays and frustration associated with our old paper grading process.  In addition to the anticipated gains for faculty, I know that students will benefit from the online system’s speed and efficiency when final grades arrive sooner than was reasonably possible in the past.

Thanks to a partnership between my office [The Office of the University Registrar], the Office of Information Management, and UW Technology, we first offered online submission at the end
of winter quarter.  Almost 49 percent of all winter grades submitted on time came in online.  More importantly, we learned a great deal from this first experience with online submission and have worked since then to make it even easier.

The current spring grading period opened May 26th at 8:00 a.m. and closes June 15th at 5:00 p.m.  Please note that after this deadline, grades cannot be submitted online.  Please note also that you can submit grades via Catalyst GradeBook even if you have not used it to track grades throughout the quarter.

For instructions on how to get started with online grade submission, please visit this page:


FAQs about online grade submission are answered on the Registrar’s Web site:


If you need assistance with GradeBook, please send an e-mail to catalysthelp@u.washington.edu.  For questions about the University’s grading system or other grade-related questions, please contact the Graduation and Academic Records office at ugradoff@u.washington.edu, or 206-543-1803.

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  1. Jiel says:

    Thanks to you Registrar Todd Mildon, the grading system will upgrade the educational system of our university.

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