June 5, 2009

Update: Faculty: Spring into Web Grading this quarter

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This post is an update to a previous entry, available here: Faculty: Spring into web grading this quarter.

Graph of web gradebook submissions for SPR09

Graph of web grading submissions for SPR09.

Many faculty are taking advantage of Web Grading’s convenience to submit grades early. In fact, four times as many faculty 65% of whom are new to Web Grading this quarter have submitted spring quarter grades over the web than they did for the same period in winter quarter! And those faculty have submitted six times as many grades as this time in winter quarter: over 1,900 so far. By comparison, no grades would have been available on the 11th day of the grading period prior to web grading’s launch last quarter.

Although final grades for most University courses will not be available until finals week, the successful early adoption of Web Grading by faculty whose classes are able to be graded at this time is a good leading indicator for the rest of the quarter.

What does this early adoption mean for students? Most importantly, it offers peace of mind to those who know their grades more than a week before they would under paper-based grading. For instance: They know their financial aid won’t be jeopardized by late grades. It also provides a student ample time to discuss a grade with the instructor before either leaves for break.

The Office of the University Registrar again thanks OIM, UW Technology, Catalyst, and all of our collaborators for creating the Web Grading system.  It gives convenience and the gift of precious time to hundreds (soon thousands) of  our faculty.  For tens of thousands of students, it ensures peace of mind and the timely granting of financial aid, honors, course prerequisites, and a long list of other benefits.

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