July 8, 2009

Kuali Financial debuts at other universities

By admin

July 1 marked the beginning of a new fiscal year. It makes sense, then, that Colorado State University and San Joaquin Delta College chose that day to launch the Kuali Financial System (KFS) on their campuses.

The adoption of the Kuali’s financial system by other universities is a major milestone forKuali, a consortium of community-source enterprise system projects working to bring next-generation capability to all aspects of higher-education management. The University of Washington is currently conducting the Financial Systems Needs Assessment (FSNA) project, and KFS is among the list of solutions that will be assessed as that project moves into soluition evaluation in the coming year.

The UW is playing a significant role in the development of Kuali Student and Kuali Rice systems, so the Office of the University Registrar pays special attention to achievements like this one. We’ve detailed Kuali’s progress on this blog in order to keep the UW community abreast of a set of software tools that may power our own information systems some day.

Extras: Read an open letter to the Kuali community from Patrick J. Burns and Allison Dineen, Vice Presidents for IT and Finance at Colorado State University, or a similar open letter from Dr. Jon C. Stephens, Vice President of Business Services at San Joaquin Delta College. You can get more background on the topic of open- and community-source software in higher education in this article on Kuali at Inside Higher Ed.

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