September 4, 2009

Update 2: Carry the UW in your hand

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This post is an update to a previous entry, available here: Carry the UW in your hand.

m.UW, the iPhone app created for the University community and named by student Shane Bunker, officially launched yesterday. It is available for free download at the iTunes store.

You can learn more about m.UW at the University’s mobile website, including a preview of its features if you don’t have an iPhone or iPod Touch.

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2 Responses to “Update 2: Carry the UW in your hand”

  1. mischa says:

    It says that you can use it on your ipod touch. I just tried downloading it onto my touch and it says that it is only available through the iPhone. Is this true or do we wait for the itouch application?

  2. sbush says:

    It should work for your iPod Touch. I’ve downloaded and used it on my first-generation iPod Touch, so can confirm it does work.

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