November 23, 2009

Kuali’s open-source approach gaining legitimacy

By admin

A recent article in The Chronicle of Higher Education illustrates that the open-source approach to developing software to help manage universities is gaining legitimacy. Released earlier this week on its website, The Chronicle‘s article “Business Software, Built by Colleges for Colleges, Challenges Commercial Giants” outlines how the Kuali Foundation’s grassroots efforts are beginning to challenge “Big Software.” (That term is a reference to traditional, fee-based software and consultation companies.)

The article focuses on Kuali Coeus, the grant-management component of the Kuali software suite, but also mentions Kuali Student (KS). The UW contributes to the development of KS and will consider using it in the future. That this open-source initiative is being discussed in The Chronicle as a legitimate contender to expensive, proprietary systems is an important part of Kuali’s evolution.

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