February 18, 2010

UW General Catalog gets a facelift

By admin

Since the UW’s inception nearly a century and a half ago, its General Catalog has been an historic record of the University’s curricula and other defining information. The online version of the General Catalog, created back in the early ’90s, is now the primary way students and the University community consume this information. The Office of the University Registrar figured it was time to spruce it up a bit.

The online General Catalog now sports these features:

  • Tabsundergraduate, graduate, and professional degree programs are now presented in a tabbed interface. All content is now organized into tabs: overview, undergraduate, graduate, and professional as necessary.
    To ensure browser compatibility and accessibility for all users, these tabs may be turned off for users who prefer the all-in-one view of the content. (This preference can even be made permanent for your computer.)
  • Renamed files – Each degree-program HTML page now sports a title that matches the curriculum prefix for that page’s content. For example, “computer_sci_eng.html” is now “cse.html.” But don’t worry: all the old filenames will re-direct to the new ones, so your existing links and bookmarks will still work (but you should update them as time permits).
  • Consistent styling – Content has been made more consistent and visually appealing throughout.
  • Rebranded UW footer – all page footers display the new “patch-and-band” footers to support UW Marketing’s Reputation-building Initative.

In addition to these changes the Office of the University Registrar is in the midst of a project to make archived copies of the General Catalog as far back as the first edition put out in 1861! available online. We’ll post information about that project as work continues.

We hope you find these General Catalog changes useful and we welcome your feedback.

UW’s Undergraduate, Graduate, and Professional Degree Programs

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  1. Dr. Tarbet says:

    A much needed facelift indeed. I remember my earlier days when it was so antiquated. Great to hear!

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