June 10, 2010

Mark your calendars! Academic dates now available for devices

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Ever wonder what day registration begins for Autumn quarter? Or when applications are due for in-state residency? Perhaps you need to know the quarter’s withdrawal deadline? Until recently, the only place to find that information was on the Registrar’s Academic Calendar page. And while that page certainly answers those questions, those dates can’t easily be added to phones or calendar software.

The Office of the University Registrar is pleased to announce that the UW’s academic calendar is now available through MyUW’s calendar service. And like the other calendars available through MyUW, dates can be easily added to your iPhone, Blackberry, Google Calendar, or any device or service that can read iCal, RSS, XML, or other formats.

The academic calendar on MyUW is organized into sub-calendars to allow students the freedom to view just the information that’s important to them. As with the Academic Calendar page on the Registrar’s site, the MyUW Academic Calendar contains the following sub-calendars:

Adding these dates to your device or service is pretty easy:

  1. Visit the MyUW calendar export page
  2. Choose “Academic Calendar” to subscribe to all dates, or choose a specific sub-calendar if you only want that information
  3. Choose the date range you want (probably from Sept. of one year through Aug. of the next)
  4. Choose the format for the output (refer to your device or service’s instructions on subscribing to feeds for the format that works best for you)
  5. Check the “Subscription URL” box
  6. Click “Retrieve Data”
  7. Enter the subscription URL that appears into your device or service

That’s it! You’re now subscribed to that calendar and your device or service will reflect any additions or changes to the calendar.

The only problem is you no longer have an excuse if you miss a registration date or other academic deadline!

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