August 31, 2010

You asked, we listened: grade change requests now online

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Catalyst Web GradeBook, released about two years ago, brought online grade submission to UW faculty members and their grade delegates. However, faculty who needed to submit a grade change still had to rely on the paper Change of Grade request form or submit a signed memo on letterhead. Not any more!

Faculty and staff on all three campuses how now have a convenient way to submit grade-change requests online whether for one student, a handful, or a whole class. The Change of Grade (CoG) request form, developed by the Office of the University Registrar (OUR), was designed to complement the functionality offered within Web GradeBook. Links to the CoG form can be found within Web GradeBook’s documentation, as well as on the OUR website.

The online form offers a number of benefits compared to the paper-based process:

  • Available anytime, anywhere - Grade-change requests may be made 24 hours a day; no need to wait on campus mail delivery or walk to Schmitz Hall. And since your UW NetID login provides all the needed verification of your identity, you can submit requests from any computer with internet access.
  • Centralized submissions – The form allows requests to be submitted by staff on behalf of faculty, which simplifies the grading process in some departments. Submissions are tracked by UW NetID so their authenticity can be verified.
  • Less typing – The form can automatically enter much of your contact information from the UW’s database to cut down on data entry.
  • More secure – Information is encrypted on the server to ensure only authorized OUR users have access to the information.

As with the paper-based grade-change request cards, online submissions are reviewed and processed manually by staff in the Graduation and Academic Records Office: Submissions are not automatically input in the Student Database. The normal two business-day processing time still applies.

The OUR encourages you to start submitting your grade changes online. Questions about the new form may be directed to the Graduation and Academic Records office.

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