September 27, 2010

UW Time Schedule archive now available online

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In August, 2009, the Office of the University Registrar (OUR) posted on this blog an archivist internship position. Back in May, 2010, the OUR announced that intern’s first project: the UW General Catalog archive. Today, we are happy to announce the publication of another archiving project: the quarterly Time Schedule archive.

What’s included?

The archive contains copies of the UW’s quarterly Time Schedules from the previous quarter, back through autumn quarter, 1968. From that date through summer quarter, 2002, the Time Schedules are available as searchable PDF documents scanned from the printed editions. After that date, the Time Schedule became an online-only publication and links to those quarters’ editions are presented as web archives.

Each scanned edition is in PDF format so it is viewable by any computer, and range in file size from 2-24 Mb (though the majority are about 15 Mb). Page numbers and file size are listed for scanned editions. Because they were scanned from original documents, they retain the charm of actual printed pages; some have hand-written notes or dog-eared pages. Luckily, optical-character recognition (OCR) software is good enough to recognize the words on the page so that each file is searchable. Just enter a word(s) in the search field your PDF software.

Some editions were unavailable for scanning and are note included in this archive. Missing editions are displayed in gray. If you have a copy of a a missing Time Schedule that you’d like to contribute to the archive, please let us know.

Why is it important?

Providing these quarter Time Schedules to the public in an easily-searchable format has many benefits to the University. Most of the benefits of publishing the archive of General Catalogs apply to Time Schedules as well. In addition, this archive:

  • Allows alumni to determine the location and instructor of courses they took, information that is not included on their official University transcript.
  • Provides a record of administration and registration procedures for that quarter.

A few words of thanks

The OUR would again like to thank those who made this project possible:

  • Intern Talea Anderson, UW MLIS graduate student – Talea worked closely with the OUR’s Time Schedule office and the UW Libraries to scan and digitize the Time Schedules; and
  • Anne Graham with the UW Libraries’ Digital Initiatives Program – Anne and her group provided the hardware to prepare and scan the Time Schedules for posting.

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