October 28, 2010

UWeek showcases the hard work performed by the Room Assignment and Time Schedule Office

By Matt Saavedra

The October 28th, 2010 Issue of UWeek published an article after interviewing Matt Winslow, Acting Associate Registrar of the Room Assignment and Time Schedule Office.  The article illustrates the challenges faced by the Time Schedule Office each quarter to assign rooms and meet the needs of many, while maximizing the best use of limited-space.

Every quarter, Winslow’s office juggles factors of time, day, location and more to match classes and rooms with the least amount of faculty inconvenience and wasted time and space. They are assisted by the Classroom Support Services Office, which sees to classroom technical needs and longer-range planning.

Learn more about the Room Assignment and Time Schedule Office and the process for assigning classrooms in the full UWeek article.

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