February 17, 2012

Historical data now available on Student Degree Information report

By Matt Saavedra


If you are a staff or faculty member with accesses to the Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW), you might have run the online Student Degree Information report.

This report displays students who have applied for and/or been granted a degree and their contact information, as well as other demographic and academic information. Report filters include degree quarter, college, department, degree status, and various demograhic information.

Changes and Benefits

Previously, the Student Degree information report displayed only current and future quarters in which a degree application exists, as well as the past four quarters. As of February 17, 2012 we are pleased to announce that the report now also includes the ability to select up to ten years of past quarter information. (Note: This report can take a while to run depending the number of degree programs and quarters the user selects. Please be as conservative as possible in your selections so as not to bog down the system).

Collaboration is key

The addition of historical information to this report could not have been possible without the hard work and dedication of several departments working together. We would like to acknowledge the following offices and individuals for successfully implementing this important change:

  • Advising community: Crystal Eney, Brooke Miller
  • Decision Support Services:  Alexis Chin, Eric Elkins, Gordy Moll, Ann Wunderlin
  • Office of the Registrar: Randy Byers
  • Planning and Budgeting: Alice Few
  • Student Information Systems: Laurel Cheap


For question about using this academic report and others contact the Office of the Registrar at reptreq@uw.edu.

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