November 2, 2012

Falling for Kuali

By Matt Saavedra

This Fall, the Office of the Registrar staff, UWIT staff, and other UW offices participated in the annual Kuali Days Conference, held in Austin Texas. Kuali is a community source software system being developed by universities throughout the world for the management of processes such as enrollment and registration. The University of Washington is a member of the Kuali Foundation, and is currently in the process of implementing Kuali Student modules for all three campuses.

Conference attendees expressed overwhelming enthusiasm and interest in the progress of  Kuali, with over 800 attendees participating in Kuali Days events this year.

The University of Washington was proud to showcase a newly launched  UW-developed Kuali student module called MyPlan. MyPlan is an Academic planning tool for students that will be hard-launching later this quarter.

Staff from across campus are also involved with the development and implementation of Kuali Curriculum Management and Kuali Enrollment modules. Bob Jansson, Associate Registrar and long-time staff member of the Office of the Registrar, joined the UWIT Kuali development teams in 2008. Bob is currently involved in the development of the Enrollment module, which encompasses creating course offerings, wait lists, seat pools, and course registration. Matt Winslow, Acting Associate Registrar, is assisting in the implementation of Kuali Student Curriculum Management to better manage university course and time schedule information. Tina Miller, Assistant Registrar, is assisting with the integration of degree audit reporting features in to the MyPlan system. Matt Saavedra, Learning Manager, is assisting with communication and educational efforts.

University of Washington staff  have been hearing about Kuali for the past several years, and our experience at Kuali Days affirms our view that the health of  Kuali is robust.

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