December 13, 2012

New Academic Planning Tool Available for Students

By Matt Saavedra

For those of us who did not attend college during the internet age the process of planning out one’s academic program usually involved a paper and pen, a printed course catalog, phone calls, and of course meetings with advisers.

As computer use grew, other tools became available such as departmental websites, Excel, and Google Docs. Today students have a variety of ways to plan out a degree program electronically, but never before has there been a central tool for all UW students to use to aid in the planning process.

Introducing MyPlan

MyPlan, a new online academic planning tool is now available. MyPlan has several unique features previously unavailable to students. With MyPlan you can:

  • Search for courses for your plan in a single place. Information is collected from both the UW Course Catalog and the UW Time Schedule.
  • Bookmark courses of interest to refer to later.
  • Share plans electronically with your adviser. Your adviser can comment on your plan and you can respond to each comment.
  • Run degree audits using a new easy-to-read view of your degree audit reports.

The development of MyPlan will continue over time and students will be notified of new features and enhancements over the coming months. Feedback about MyPlan can be submitted at the MyPlan help site.

View the video below to learn more about how you can get started with MyPlan today.

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