FERPA: The law you think you know, until you don’t

I know what FERPA means, but please remind me again The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act is a topic most of us are familiar with as staff. FERPA was established in 1974 and protects the privacy of student education records. FERPA guarantees several rights to students in regards to their education records including: The… Read More

Confused about directory release information?

A recent segment on KOMO news has created some confusion regarding the release of directory information via the UW’s iPhone app. As always, the UW is in compliance with federal regulations regarding what student information it does and does not release. Students are allowed to designate whether they want to allow a specific set of… Read More

Administrative staff can now be all EARS

Campus administrators who need to view student academic records have a new tool at their fingertips. The Electronic Academic Records System (EARS) is a web-based system initially developed for UW academic advisers. This resource has been enhanced by the Office of Information Management to allow campus administrative staff access as well.