April 18, 2013

MyPlan Releases and Features

By Matt Saavedra

1.7 Release

Adviser Recommended

Advisers will be able to recommend courses and general placeholders within a student’s plan, helping to streamline the advising process and assist students in making decisions while mapping out their short or long-term plan. Advisers can leave notes explaining why they are making their recommendation, which will be included in the automatic email notification to students. Students will be able to see the recommendation in their plan and can easily add the courses and placeholders.

Plan Audits

With the release of Plan Audits, students will be able to run an audit of their entire plan—not just courses taken or registered for—to better determine if their plan will help them meet their program requirements.

Increased Adviser Functionality

Advisers will be able to run Plan Audits on students’ plans as well as the traditional Degree Audit.

1.5 Release


Now, in addition to adding specific courses to their plan, students will be able to add general course entries such as “CHEM 1xx”, “VLPA”, or “Other” for general planning for future quarters. Since it is not always possible to know which courses to take in the next quarter or even academic year, the ability to add general course entries will help remind students of their academic goals as they go about creating their long term plan.


In addition to adding general course entries, students will also be able to add notes to the courses they have planned. By utilizing this new feature, students will gain the ability to store pertinent information about their courses in one easy location.

1.3 Release

MyPlan 1.3 was released on 4/22/2013.

Single Quarter View

The single quarter view can be accessed from the Plan page. Use the tab to switch to single quarter view so you can compare course section details for that quarter. There you will be able to add/delete sections as well as view real-time seat availability. This single quarter view will help you with registration planning.

myplan quarter view

Early Fall Start courses

Early Fall Start courses are not included in this release of MyPlan. For more information see the Early Fall Start site.

Multiple Prefixes

A single department may have more than one prefix for it’s course listings. By entering keywords such as “history”, MyPlan will not only return HIST but will aslo return HISTAA, ART H, T HIST, and other curriculum that match.

Curriculum level comments

Curriculum level comments that appear in the time schedule will  now also be displayed on the course details page.

1.2 Release

MyPlan 1.2 was released on 2/27/2013.

Print View

You can view and print your entire academic plan on the Plan page.

myplan print view

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