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About SDB (Keynes)

About the Student Database (Keynes)

The UW Student Data Base (SDB), also known as Keynes, is a university-wide system for managing student records and student data. As a Staff or Faculty member at the UW you might need some form of SDB access as part of your daily duties. This site provides information on obtaining access, attending SDB workshops, and online learning resources for you to utilize.

Follow these steps if you are new to SDB:

  1. Request Access
  2. Attend training session with the Office of the Registrar.
  3. Review learning resources
  4. Give us your feedback. Let us know what learning resources you need and how we can improve our training.
Trouble logging in? Contact the IT Service Center at 206-221-5000 option 5 

Requesting Access

Download, print and submit the appropriate form for your role from the site. :

Responsibilities for your Access

Do not let anyone use your SDB access. If someone needs access to SDB to complete their job duties, they need to apply for an account in their own name. Their access level will be determined by their job requirements and their position. If there are student helpers in your area who need access to help staff, they may be given view only access with no update capabilities.

Confidentiality and FERPA

When accessing SDB please remember to follow FERPA guidelines.Please consider the following:

  1. Directory Information: Before you give out any directory information, check the students SRF305 screen to see if the student has requested that directory information not be released. If so, all you can say is I have no information about that student.
  2. Do Not Release: (1) anything about grades, and (2) the students class schedule.
  3. Double-check: If you are not sure what to do, or if the caller is insistent, forward the call to the graduations and Academic Records Office, 206-543-1803.

SDB Training for Staff and Faculty

Contact the Office of the Registrar at to arrange training and for any access questions.

Learning Resources

In addition to attending a live training we encourage you to utilize these online resources.

Other resources