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Using GradePage

View PDF Version Contents: About GradePage Step 1: Access GradePage Step 2: Enter Grades Step 3: Review and Submit Grades Import Grades from Canvas Gradebook or Catalyst GradeBook Review Past Online Grade Submissions Submit Grade Change Requests About GradePage GradePage, developed by UW-IT, in cooperation with the Office of the Registrar, is an online tool

Online Grading FAQ

What is online grading? How do I start using online grading? Who do I contact if I have questions about using GradePage or GradeBook? What about off-calendar courses? Why is the deadline for submitting grades online so early? Isn’t that really the beginning of the grade submission period? How secure is online submission of grades?

About Online Grading

Submit grades for your course sections online using GradePage. GradePage allows you to quickly and easily submit grades without having to create an online grade book. GradeBook is an additional tool available to record assignment grades, track student progress and easily send final grades to GradePage, where they can be submitted. Online Grading Dates: The Academic Calendar

Online Grading Information for Autumn 2011

Have grading questions? Need a little help? Check out the Autumn 2011 edition of the quarterly Online Grade Submission newsletter here.

Grades Newsletter (Summer 2011) Available for Staff and Faculty

The Office of the Registrar has published the latest Grade Submission newsletter for UW staff and faculty, designed to assist you with the grading process. Access the Summer 2011 newsletter here. The Summer newsletter documents how to use the new online grade submission tool known as GradePage. Gradepage is a fast and simple-to-use tool that