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SDB Tips and Hints

Screen Numbering The numbering of SDB screens corresponds to the their functionality. 100 screens: Registration related screens 200 screens: Time schedule/ course information screens 300 screems: Student record screens 400 screens: Grades screens 500 screens: Admissions screens 600 screens: Administrative screens Keyboard tips Type the code for the screen you want in the upper left-hand

SDB Screens Quick Lookup

Screen Manual See the SDB Screen Manual  for images and detailed descriptions of each screen. Quick Lookup Search for SDB screen titles or numbers by entering in your search terms here:

Navigating SDB

Getting Around in SDB Important Key Commands Outside Enter : Use the Enter key on the keypad to accept changes. Inside Enter: Moves cursor to the next field/row. Home button: Moves cursor to top of screen Tab: Moves the cursor to the next field that allows changes to be made. Shift + Tab: Allows you

About SDB (Keynes)

About the Student Database (Keynes) The UW Student Data Base (SDB), also known as Keynes, is a university-wide system for managing student records and student data. As a Staff or Faculty member at the UW you might need some form of SDB access as part of your daily duties. This site provides information on obtaining