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Using GradeBook

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This guide illustrates how to submit grades online in 3 simple steps, even if you have never used the Catalyst GradeBook before. Review the steps below to learn about the complete process for submitting online grades.

Step 1: Create a Grade Book

1. Access Catalyst GradeBook by navigating to Enter your NetID credentials. The Catalyst Account page displays.

2. In this example we will assume you are creating a new grade book at the end of the quarter to submit grades.In the Catalyst Web Tools area select the grade book icon and Create a GradeBook.

3. Specify a name for your grade book. Next, select the class or sections you wish to submit grades for. Selections display in light blue. Selecting the class name selects all sections. After making your selections select Save.

Name a grade book

4. GradeBook allows you to give other official instructors access to your grade book as administrators. If you want your co-instructors or teaching assistants to collaborate with you on grades, first review and acknowledge the FERPA statement, and then select Yes.

FERPA acknowledgement

The list of students for your sections displays.

List of students

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Step 2: Enter Grades

1. On the Grade book page select the link for Online grade submission.

Online grade submission link


2. Access the info button to learn more about the types of grading options, and to view the list of who can submit grades.

Information button

Contact your time schedule coordinator for any questions about this list.

Information screen


3. In this example we will enter grades directly in to the form. To enter grades enter the grade value for each student under the Grades column.

Note: Spreadsheet templates can also be used to enter grades. See this tutorial to learn more.

Grades column

You can enter the numeric value, or select the grade from a pick list. The form specifies the required grade format using a pre-defined list for each student.

Selection of grades

Incorrectly formatted values will display as an invalid grade.

Invalid grade

If needed, select the Note field to add text notes. Notes are not submitted to the official record and reside only in the grade book.

Note field

4. After entering each grade select the Review and Submit button.

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Step 3: Review and Submit

1. Your entries display in a table format for you to review before you make your final submission. Select the Submit button to submit your grades to the Office of the Registrar.

Review screen

2. When you submit grades you will see a confirmation page. Your grades join a queue to be processed.

Submission screen


3. When your grades have been processed you will receive a confirmation email.

Confirmation email

4. To submit changes to submitted grades access the Change of Grade Request form. Submissions are reviewed and processed manually by staff in the Graduation and Academic Records Office. At any point after your grades have been submitted, you can access a record of the grades that were submitted via Catalyst GradeBook.


On the grade book screen, select View submitted sections, located to the right of the Student Info tab.

View submitted sections link

To print a receipt select Print this page. Please note this receipt will not reflect grades that were changed manually by the Registrars Office, or that were submitted using the change of grade request form.

Print submission confirmation

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