April 2, 2012

Using GradePage

By Matt Saavedra

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About GradePage

GradePage, developed by UW-IT, in cooperation with the Office of the Registrar, is a new process that streamlines online grade submission for all faculty.

This new grade submission tool simplifies the process of submitting final grades online. Learn more.

GradePage and GradeBook

Catalyst GradePage and GradeBook are both essential tools for grading your courses at the University of Washington.

Use considerations

Before submitting online grades consider which tool best fits your needs.


GradePage and GradeBook both serve different but similar needs for instructors and staff who submit grades.

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Step 1: Accessing GradePage

If you are listed as an instructor of record for a class section, you can access GradePage via MyUW My Class Resources.

  • Navigate to http://my.uw.edu
  • The Online Grading area displays a notification or a link to GradePage depending on the open and close dates for the current grading period.

If you are not listed as an instructor of record or would like to bookmark the direct link to GradePage, navigate to: https://catalyst.uw.edu/gradepage

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Step 2: Entering Grades

Once you log in to GradePage you are presented with a page displaying the class sections you can submit grades for. Select the Grade and submit item for the class section you wish to submit grades for.

Select the Grade field for the student you wish to submit grades for under the Grade column. Type the grade value in to the field, or select the appropriate value from the list.

  • Select the check box(es) in the I column to indicate the grade is incomplete, or leave blank if the grade(s) is not incomplete.
  • Select the check box(es) in the W column to indicate if the grade is a writing credit, or leave blank if the grade(s) is not a writing credit.

Select the info button to view information about grade options and information about who can submit grades for the course section.

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Step 3: Review and Submit

Review Grades

Select the Review and submit item after entering grades for each student.

The review screen displays, and allows you to complete a final check of the grades you have entered before submitting them.

Submitting Grades

When you have completed your review, select Submit grades. When your grades have been processed you will receive a confirmation email.

Important: Once grades have been submitted, use the Change of Grades Request form to submit any changes or corrections to your submission.

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Review Past Submissions

View grades for your class sections submitted in the past by selecting the Past online submissions tab. Records in this view display any grades you submitted using GradeBook or GradePage since 2009.

The Past online submissions history only displays grade values as you submitted them using GradePage, and does not reflect any subsequent changes made to the grade after your submission.

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Submitting Change of Grade Requests

If you discover a mistake to any of the grades you submitted using GradePage submit an Online Grade Change Request using this form. Submissions are reviewed and processed manually by staff in the Graduation and Academic Records Office.

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