Online Hardship Withdrawal Petition Instructions - Seattle Campus


  1. If you are filing this petition within two weeks of the close of the quarter you should first consider requesting an "I" (Incomplete) from your instructor.
  2. Petitions for hardships over two years prior to current quarter are ineligible for review: unless accompanied with documentation of inability to file within the guidelines
  3. Hardship Withdrawal petitions will not be processed once a degree has been conferred.
  4. For more information see the University's legislative policy regarding Dropping a Course.


  1. You will need to file a Hardship Withdrawal Petition for each quarter being petitioned.
  2. Note that submitting this online petition does not guarantee it will be approved.
  3. If you are requesting a complete HW during the current quarter it is recommended you withdraw yourself from the quarter. See Academic Calendar for timeline.
  4. A UWNetID is required to file a Hardship Withdrawal Petition online.
  5. Students with F1 Visa status need to meet with an International Student Services adviser to be apprised of any Visa status changes due to hardship withdrawal approval.
  6. Hardship statements are required
    1. You will be required to submit a statement clearly outlining the details of your petition and how your hardship situation affected your ability to complete your coursework for the quarter being petitioned.
    2. Your hardship statement should be brief and to-the-point.
    3. Petitions lacking statements are incomplete and will not be reviewed.
  7. Supporting Documentation is required
    1. Your documentation must address how the hardship situation specifically impacted the course(s) under petition.
    2. Documentation must be on official letterhead and should include contact information for verification purposes.
    3. You will be required to upload your supporting documentation when filing this petition.
    4. Electronic copies of your documents can be in any format, including photos and PDFs.
    5. Petitions lacking uploaded documentation are incomplete and will not be reviewed.
    6. For medical hardships, have your provider review the UW Provider Verification.
    7. It is the student's responsibility to supply sufficient medical documentation.
    8. If you have a death in your immediate family, submit a copy of the death certificate or remembrance from the funeral. Documentation clearly showing your relationship to the deceased is required.
    9. Documentation must be translated into English by accredited translator or by third party professional with contact information.


  • You will be notified by email of the Hardship Withdrawal Board's decision usually within three weeks after your petition is submitted.
  • If your petition is approved, your transcript will show the petitioned course(s) with a grade of "HW".
  • Grades cannot be restored once a Hardship Withdrawal petition has been granted.
  • No details of your hardship will be shared with anyone outside the Hardship Withdrawal Board.
  • For questions if your petition was denied, please review the Hardship Withdrawal Petition FAQ.