The Severe Chronic Neutropenia
International Registry

The Severe Chronic Neutropenia International Registry (SCNIR) was established in 1994 to monitor the clinical course, treatment, and disease outcomes in patients with severe chronic neutropenia (SCN). The Registry has the largest collection of long-term data on patients with this condition in the world. Participation in the Registry benefits patients, their families and the physicians who treat them by providing the most up to date information to them on the natural history of SCN and its treatment options.

Table of Contents

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Types of Neutropenia

Long Term Management of Neutropenia

G-CSF Dosing Guidelines


Registry Renewal
Registry Annual Update - March 2018

Literature and Publications

Pathophysiology of Neutropenia

Glossary of Terms

Patient Handbook
Support Groups

Cyclic Neutropenia Tool - Lomb's Periodogram

For registration or clinical questions please contact
Audrey Anna Bolyard at

Mission Statement

Our mission is to establish a global database of treatment and disease-related outcomes for persons diagnosed with SCN. Collection of this information will lead to improved medical care and is used for research to determine the causes of neutropenia.

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