The Severe Chronic Neutropenia
International Registry

Long Term Management Of Severe Chronic Neutropenia

The key issue in the treatment of SCN is the promotion of a "normal life" for you. This includes schooling, vacations, family life and social life.

A CBC/FBC evaluation gives the physician the information needed to monitor your ANC. Monitoring the ANC alerts the physician to the need to adjust the G-CSF dosing.

When G-CSF treatment is initiated, your doctor will follow your ANC closely, generally for the first 4 to 10 weeks to check that the dose of G-CSF is correct for you. The Registry suggests that when the dose has been stabilised the SCN patient be monitored with monthly CBC/FBC. Blood should be drawn approximately 18 hours after dosing for patients on a daily administration of G-CSF. Patients taking G-CSF on a less frequent program should have the CBC/FBC done just prior to the next administration of the medication. This allows the physician to monitor the ANC at its lowest point prior to the next dose of G-CSF.

There is a packet of Neutropenia Health Tips available for download to assist the patient in managing their neutropenia.