Terrestrial Restoration Ecology Lab


The Terrestrial Restoration Ecology Lab currently includes the following people.

David R. M. Scott Associate Professor, and Principal Investigator.

Photo by Benjamin Drummond / bdsjs.com

E-mail: jbakker@uw.edu

PhD student (2013-2017) and post-doc (2017-present). Studying plant-insect interactions.

E-mail: nhaan@uw.edu

Victoria Fox

Undergraduate student (2017-present).


Loretta Rafay (ne Fisher)

MSc student (2015-present) and Hourly Technician (2013-2015). Studying the biochemistry of prairie organisms.

E-mail: Loretta.fisher@gmail.com

Post-doc (2013-present); co-supervised by Dr. Charlie Halpern. Studying dry forest restoration.

E-mail: lsu@uw.edu

Post-doc (2016-present). Studying vegetation dynamics in the sagebrush steppe.

E-mail: cewain@uw.edu

Jasna Hodzic

MSc student (2017-present).

E-mail: jhodzic@uw.edu

Erin Weisman

Undergraduate student (2017-present).

E-mail: eweis4@uw.edu

Alishia Orloff

Undergraduate student (2016-present).

E-mail: orloff5@uw.edu

Jamison Scott

Undergraduate student (2017-present).


Visiting PhD student (2017-present).

E-mail: olga.kildisheva@research.uwa.edu.au

Bridgette Hawes

Undergraduate student (2017-present).