Funding Proposal Exchange

Cartoon credit: International Science Grid This Week, Plenary Series.

Cartoon credit: Auke Herrema.

Access to funding is essential for expanding relational poverty scholarship. Relational poverty research matters: it is currently and will continue to be funded by research foundations. This clearinghouse shares funded grant proposals, as a resource for RPN members as you develop your own proposals. 

Below, please find title, abstract and summary information on funded proposals shared by RPN members, and (where available), download the proposal.  For members who prefer to share their proposal individually, contact information is provided.

We are not asking you to share work in progress, rather we invite you to contribute your own successful proposal as a model for other scholars. 

When submitting, please ensure that you have permission from co-PIs. Feel free to share as much of the proposal as you and your team are comfortable with.
For instance, you may wish to omit the budget.


Titles and abstracts for successfully funded relational poverty projects

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