Session IV: Health Care / Work

October 27, 2014  • Posted in Annual Meeting 2014  •  0 Comments

This session rests on the important role of caring relationships in navigating experiences of impoverishment and precarity. Presenters explored physical spaces for care, networks of care, and survival strategies.

Living with one’s employer: Comparing the institutionalisation of live-in elder care in Austria, Canada, Switzerland and the UK – Kendra Strauss, Labour Studies Program, Simon Fraser University Karin Schwiter, Department of Geography, University of Zurich
How Well Does the “Safety Net” Work for Family Safety Nets? Economic Survival Strategies Among Grandmother Caregivers in Severe Deprivation – LaShawnDa Pittman, Department of American Ethnic Studies, University of Washington
Exploring relational advocacy through the siting of harm reduction health services – Cristina Temenos, Department of Geography, Simon Fraser University
Connecting for survival: Understanding the spatial implications of migrant women’s survival strategies in two contexts – Colleen Hammelman, Department of Geography and Urban Studies, Temple University

For full abstracts, please download the PDF.

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