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Pitching solutions rather than tents: a case study of encampment provisions in Seattle, USA and Manchester, UK

February 13

Melissa Espinoza, PhD Candidate, School of Energy, Geoscience, Infrastructure and Society; Institute for Social Policy, Housing, Equalities Research...

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MLK Street (Re) Naming, Social Justice, and African American Freedom Struggle

December 15

Derek H. Alderman, Department of Geography, University of Tennessee While the study of streets named for Martin Luther King, Jr. has long...

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Navigation social death through intimate politics of reciprocity and family networks

November 30

Yolanda Valencia, University of Washington, Department of Geography My project looks at how undocumented immigrants produce dignifying lives and...

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Creative Placemaking in San Francisco and Seattle. Inclusive and/or Democratic?

May 10

Vinita Goyal, Practitioner: City of Seattle Office of Planning and Community Development, and Independent Researcher Occidental/West Lake Parks...

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Facing your FICO: The Democratization of Finance and the Persistence of Poverty in Boston, MA

May 10

Jessa Loomis, PhD Candidate, Department of Geography, University of Kentucky This project examines the implementation of financial literacy and...

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Visualities of Homelessness and Ecology: Of Hot Spots and High Lines

April 18

Eric Goldfischer, PhD Student in Geography, University of Minnesota Cities have long tried to influence the ways in which homelessness, and...

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Place and Citizenship at Home

January 13

Sheryl-Ann Simpson, University of California, Davis, Landscape Architecture + Environmental Design When inequality happens within one...

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Multi-sectoral approaches to poverty reduction: charity or change?

September 26

Shauna MacKinnon, Associate Professor, Department of Urban and Inner City Studies, University of Winnipeg Winnipeg, Canada is a mid-size city in...

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Emerging Gang Geographies

May 18

Dirk Kinsey, Portland State University, Department of Geography  This project examines changing patterns of youth and gang violence in the...

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